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steel pipe casing steel pipes

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Oil casing is a steel pipe that used to support the oil and gas well wall, to ensure that the drilling process and after the completion of the normal operation of the entire oil well. Each well according to different drilling depth and geological conditions, to use a few layers of casing pipes. After the casing pipe well, it should be used with cement, which is different from the tubing and drill pipe, and can not be used repeatedly, which belongs to one time consuming material. Therefore, the consumption of the casing pipe accounted for more than 70% of all.
Oil casing steel grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150, etc.. The end of the casing processing forms: short round thread, long thread, buttress thread, special buckle etc..
Anticorrosion measures of oil casing
1 . First do a good job of water quality standards, strict water quality testing and management. The implementation of the clean water injection, to strengthen the main water pipeline cleaning work, so that the station within the bottom of the water quality standards, reduce the erosion of the introduction of ring space;
2. On the newly put into operation of the water injection well, take to add the sterilization based annulus protection liquid, and the formation of the system, regular investment plus;
3. In view of the mechanical abrasion of oil casing corrosion acceleration effect, it is recommended in tubing hoop with a rubber ring or add a centralizer in the severe deviation location, to avoid in the operation process and the process of water injection tubing scrape injury casing and contacts to one side of the casing;
4. In the case of severe bacterial corrosion under the scale and high temperature SRB slow growth and kill, can be regularly to the ring air injection of 100 degrees Celsius water or water vapor to kill the scale of SRB;
5. The corrosion of the casing in water injection well is not under effective control, and is not recommended to promote the use of cathodic protection and coating.
Domestic casing requirements
(1) domestic casing according to the provisions of SY/T6194-96, the length of the casing is not fixed, the range of 8-13m. But not less than 6m of the casing can be provided, the number shall not exceed 20%.
(2) the casing inside and outside surface shall not have folding, crack, delamination, crack, rolling reduction and scarring. These defects should be completely removed, the depth shall not exceed 12.5% of the nominal wall thickness.
(3) except coupling surface without folding, crack, delamination, crack, rolling reduction, surface defects.
(4) bushing and a connecting hoop thread surface should be smooth, not allowed to burr, tear and enough to make the thread strength and disruption of tight junctions of other defects.

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