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Cause of Uneven Thickness of Spiral Steel Pipe

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  The advantage of a compact spiral steel pipe is that only a thin layer of side melts, which allows the extrusion of oxides and impurities to provide a pure, high quality weld. Side-by-side, spiral steel pipe manufacturer oxide can be squeezed along two deflections.

  Spiral steel pipe if the coating thickness is not uniform, will inevitably form the butcher data spoilage, which is due to ensure the thinnest coating thickness reaches the minimum specification, the thick part of the thickness will be greater than Coated specification thickness. And under uneven coating conditions is very simple to form the thickness of the coating at the thinnest spiral steel pipe not up to standard conditions. The reason for the uneven thickness of the production process showed that there are several main reasons for the uneven discharge of a few days, Hot DIP Galvanized Spiral Steel Pipe twists and turns. 3PE pipe corrosion control coating uneven situation is useful to adjust the number of extrusion die several anti-corrosion coating thickness as uniform as possible, substandard pipe coating method is not on-line strategy.

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