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How to remove rust from oil pipe

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  1.the grade of rust removal, the construction technology of epoxy, ethylene, phenolic and other anticorrosive coatings commonly used in the API-5CT OCTG Seamless Oil Pipe are generally required to reach the near white grade of the oil pipe surface. Through practice, it is proved that the rust grade can be removed almost all the oxide skin, rust and other contaminants are fully satisfied. The adhesion requirements of anticorrosive coating and oil pipe, and the technology of jet rust removal can stabilize the quality to a near white level at lower cost.

  2.to achieve the desired effect of rust removal, it is necessary to use the mixture of steel sand and steel balls according to the hardness of the oil pipe surface, the original corrosion degree, the required surface roughness, the coating type and so on to choose the abrasive, the single layer epoxy, the two layer or the three layer polyethylene coating. Abrasive materials. Because the steel ball has the effect of strengthening the steel surface, the steel sand has the function of etching the steel surface.

  3.to obtain better uniform cleanliness and the distribution of roughness, the design of the particle size and proportion of the abrasive is very important. Because the roughness is too large to cause the anticorrosion layer to be thinner at the anchor point, and because the anchor line is too deep, it is easy to form bubbles in the process of anticorrosion, which seriously affects the anticorrosion layer. Performance.

  4. before the injection treatment, the oil and dirt on the surface of the oil pipe are removed, and the heating furnace can be used to preheat the oil pipe to 40-60 degrees Celsius to keep the surface of the oil pipe dry, because the surface of the oil pipe is not containing grease such as dirt, which can enhance the effect of the rust removal. In addition, the surface of the dry oil pipe is also beneficial. Steel shots, steel grit and rust and oxide skin are separated so that the surface of the tubing after rust removal will be more clean.

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