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Application of Seamless Steel Pipe in Construction Pipeline Industry

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  The quality of seamless steel pipe is the reason why this kind of pipe material can be popularized and developed in the industrial field. The quality of seamless steel pipe is very good, which is determined by the complex production process of API 5L A106 Sch40 Seamless Steel Pipe. The greatest feature of seamless steel pipe is that there are no seams in the wall of the pipe, while the common pipe has obvious seams, because of the small feature of seamless steel pipe. This type of pipeline material can be used and promoted in the industrial field.

  Many people know about steel pipes and the existence of seamless steel pipes. But for seamless steel pipe, many people only know about this steel. Then let's talk about the understanding of seamless steel pipe. This is a kind of steel with hollow interface. There are no seam marks on the surrounding areas. So it is precisely this characteristic that seamless steel pipes are widely used in transportation in the present society, as well as in structure. However, most of the seamless steel pipes used at this time are thick-walled seamless steel pipes for 16Mn seamless steel pipes, which are widely used.

  Seamless steel pipes for general use are rolled by ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, with the largest output. They are mainly used as pipes or structural parts for conveying fluids. Seamless steel pipes made of this kind of steel are widely used for surface quenching of pipes for hydraulic props, high pressure cylinders, high pressure boilers, fertilizer equipment, petroleum cracking, automobile half-axle sleeves, diesel engines and hydraulic fittings. Or high frequency quenching. Therefore, according to the chemical composition,heat treatment process and use of different. Lord.

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