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The difference between galvanized steel pipe and seamless steel pipe

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  Galvanized steel pipe with corrosion resistance and wear resistance are relatively strong, is commonly used for fence, fence, fence, balcony guardrail etc., has been widely used in municipal engineering, road., factory,school, development zone, garden, Plaza, community and other places.

  Standard chemical and mechanical pipe seamless steel pipe, because of its large volume so widely used in petroleum chemical industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries, seamless steel pipe, because its weight is relatively large, so in the market than the expensive galvanized steel pipe.

  Galvanized steel pipe in a certain extent is on the surface of the seamless steel tube is coated with a layer ofzinc, galvanized steel type and is not fixed, there may be raw materials are welded pipe, seamless pipe ispossible.

  Galvanized steel pipe corrosion resistance in seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe bearing capacity thangalvanized steel stronger, galvanized steel pipe galvanized layer is not susceptible to rust, and because theseamless steel tube wall is thicker, the natural weight and the bearing capacity is relatively strong, suitable forgalvanized steel pipe used in some outdoor venues, and seamless steel pipe is suitable for the underground pipe laying, in fact, the two can complement each other, how to choose the galvanized steel pipe or seamless steel pipe according to the specific requirements of the manufacturers.

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