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Matters needing attention in the use of seamless steel pipe

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  The seamless steel pipe, which is made of whole metal and has no joints on the surface, is called seamless steel pipe.

  In the ordinary use process, ASME B36.10M 16 Inch Seamless Steel Pipe should pay attention to the following points:

  Construction preparation for seamless steel pipe before use

  Seamless steel pipe trench should be excavated, pipe well bricklaying completed, the various types of seamless steel pipe needed in place, all kinds of tools needed, including welding machine, cutting machine, hammer, polisher and other ready, only do a series of preparatory work to start installation.

  Installation of seamless steel pipe.

  Seamless steel pipe positioning is carried out according to the drawing design, pipe support is prefabricated according to the site situation, and then the material is cut according to the design and site, then the groove is ground with a grinder, and then the welding is carried out.The vertical installation of riser should be less than 3 mm per meter, and the deviation of horizontal installation should be less than 1 mm.

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